Dansk Posthistorisk Leksikon

Beskrivelse på www.lulu.com:
The Encyclopaedia of Danish Postal History is a major initiative undertaken by around 60 Danish experts representing various special interests. The encyclopaedia is intended to become a source of reference as well as a source of help and inspiration to collectors of items illustrating Danish Postal History right from the foundation of the Royal Danish Mail in 1624 up to modern times. The main purpose is to shed light over the numerous areas of potential attention and research – some of which are far from well described at present. The articles give guidance and in particular refer readers to sources of more detailed information. All in Danish. The encyclopaedia should thus support the serious collectors and at the same time open doors to novice collectors who are about to take the step from traditional stamp collecting to the fascinating world of postal history.Bestilles på www.lulu.com